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Living Haus not only offers you an efficient house, we assist you in all construction affairs!

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Living Fertighaus GmbH

Herr Maximillian Becker
52156 Monschau
Schulstraße 16

Living Haus not only offers you an efficient house, we assist you in all construction affairs!

53909 Sinzenich

Die vollständige Adresse erhalten Sie von Herr Maximillian Becker

Kaufpreis379.000 €


Wohnfläche125 m²

Grundstück700 m²

Allgemeine Angaben

Überschrift Ihres Objektes: Living Haus not only offers you an efficient house, we assist you in all construction affairs!
Ihre Objektnummer: 30178-5149
PLZ: 53909
Ort: Sinzenich
Kaufpreis: 379.000 €
Wohnfläche ca.: 125,00 m²
Grundstücksfläche ca.: 700,00 m²
Zimmer: 4,0
Haustyp: Einfamilienhaus
Etagenanzahl: 1
Anzahl Schlafzimmer: 3
Anzahl Badezimmer: 2
Terrassen: 1
Gäste-WC: ja
Dachboden: ja
Qualität der Ausstattung: gehoben
Baujahr: 2021
Bauphase: Haus in Planung (projektiert)
Verfügbar ab: 2022
Provisionspflichtig: keine Angabe
Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen: We refer to our terms and conditions. By further use of our services you declare the knowledge and your consent.


This is how your new home might look like. The perfect solution for every dream As diverse as life is, so different is the dream of one's own four walls. And what do you dream of? If you want to live at ground level, you will feel comfortable in a bungalow, as a young family you might find happiness together in a family house with attic for the Kids rooms. Or do you want a house with a separate apartment, which provides all possibilities for the future? Or maybe even a double or multi-generation house is the fulfilment of your dreams, because living next door to friends is in vogue - and the idea of living with the extended family is more relevant than ever. Which living concept should be your home? We are happy to advise you in a personal conversation. At your request also in cooperation with our mortgage partners. Call and arrange a free appointment: Mobile: +49 (0) 176 41 99 48 03 ORDER NOW, FREE OF CHARGE, OUR HOUSE CATALOGS! We build for the future! We pay special attention to innovative, future-oriented construction and building services. In a house of Living House, you can be sure: It is build for the future. A Living Haus house is not only a place where your family will feel happy, it is also an investment. This is due to our high quality of materials and workmanship, our strict quality management and our membership in all relevant quality associations of our home construction partner. You will receive: 30 years warranty on the basic construction of the house and 5 years warranty on all other services of the house. More transparency is not possible! Use your personal customer information system (HIS) Here you will find all the important information about your construction project as a living house builder. See online the cost statement, the plans, all the appointments and the progress of your dream home. ATTENTION: Many more offers and properties also available in your area !!!* * It needs to be checked if your dream home can be built on the property. This depends on your wishes and the development plan for this region. Miscellaneous: Notes on statutory information required by EnEV 2014: The house offered is a new building and has no energy certificate. This will be given to you at a later stage during the creation of your dream house. Illustrations of optional extras. Call now and arrange a free consultation under 0176-41994803

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